We love to hear from you at info@GolfLinksOfFlorida.com. We post most comments. It is a great way to keep up-to-date with participants and let newcomers learn a little more about the group.


“I will be signing up for your next events. Golflinks has been a wonderful way for me to keep playing golf. And with such super people. I would probably quit playing if it wasn’t for you, Vicki.To improving my game!! Cheers” – Nancy

“Vicky, I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts and work with the Golf Links. I really had a great time and look forward to the next year. This offers me an opportunity to play occasionally which fits with my busy work schedule. I enjoyed the new friends I met and you made it so easy. I know this is a lot of work, so please accept my thanks.”~ Marc

“Vicki…Thanks for a wonderful day….at Hobe Sound CC. Enjoyed it and really enjoyed the group you put me with. They were very friendly and lots of fun. Thanks…See you at Eastpointe.” – Joanne

“What we like about our membership with Golf Links is the opportunity to network with other golfers and play on courses we wouldn’t normally get to play. The time of play is all set and all we have to do is show up! Priceless! Through Golf Links we, at least, make time to play golf once or twice a month. Life often gets in the way of golf outings, so once we sign up for an event, we are committed to playing. This helps us set a time for each other and golf both.”~ Sandy & Mike

“Thank you for the great outing and the Hamlet, enjoyed the group!” ~ Rich

“We had a really good time and loved the course!!……….Thanks!”…………Suzie (this is referring to the Breakers West event in October)

“Hi Vicki, Fun day at the Breakers. I’m so glad I came out today and genius pairing of me with Linda — we exchanged phone numbers and will play next weekend!”

“Vicky, the course was absolutely beautiful yesterday…i happened to have one of my worst outtings of course, but I was impressed with the quality of the course! Our partners were great guys (Bill and Kevin)…thanks for a great day!” ~ Rich

“Vicky, So sorry you couldn’t play today at Piper’s Landing. It was a fun day even though we were stopped on 13 with lightening and thunder. But the lunch was delicious and such beautiful presentation, very nice people (wait staff)too. After we were delayed, we stopped for a drink waiting for the weather. They also brought us each a plate of very nice hor d’oeuvres. We had a very nice day even though we had to take a rain check. Looking forward to playing there again. Hope you can get there to play sometime. Thanks for all you did.” ~Sally

“Hi Vicki -Not only would I like to take a moment to say Thank You for making me feel welcome as a new member to Golflinks -Also – for the great deal of time and effort that you put into the event. All is greatly appreciated. You have been a great asset to the group Smile I look forward to many more events. Thanks for an outstanding job”~Sabella~

“Vicki, Becky and I were impressed by the Golf Link event on Saturday. You did a great job and received super support from PGA. The driving range balls, cart set up, the Palmer Course, and the IBar provided for a first class event! No wonder you had that wide grin all day as you kept lobbing balls onto the green from the middle of the fairway! Cheers” ~Mario

“I have been very impressed with Your organization and consistant participation. I have made several other individuals aware of your club and they were very surprised that something like it existed. Congrats on a well run club, I’m sure it is a lot of work to keep it going. But it seems to be well worth it. Thanks again for your help.” ~Wayne

From Doug:” A golfer set up his ball on the first tee, took a mighty swing and hit his ball into a clump of trees. He found his ball and saw an opening between two trees he thought he could hit through. Taking out his 3-wood, he took another mighty wing;the ball hit a tree, bounced back, hit him in the forehead and killed him. As he approached the gates of Heaven, St. Peter saw him coming and asked “Are you a good golfer’, to which the man replied: “Got here in two, didn’t I?”

“I had a great time. I am looking forward to playing again soon. Great job! Thanks,” ~ Patrick
(New Member)

“Great to meet you, had a great time playing PGA, lousy score/thanks again, look forward to further golf.” ~Bob (New Member)